How we offer help in the field of Problem Gambling.

If gambling has affected your life, you are not alone. But there is help and hope available! Gambling addiction has devastating consequences, but people can and do recover from it. California offers a wide variety of resources for treatment and prevention – most of them at no cost to you!

California Problem Gambling Helpline – Access by Phone, Text or Chat

Free and confidential! Speak to a master’s-level counselor 24/7/365. Services are available in English, Spanish, Chinese, with tele-health and translators for 200+ other languages.

  • Call 1-800-GAMBLER, text “SUPPORT” to 53342, or chat by visiting this site
  • Speak with a master’s level counselor immediately, 24/7/365
  • Learn about the services that are available to help, most at no-cost and in your area
  • Gamblers and affected individuals can seek help by contacting the helpline
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Gambling Counselors/Therapists

Get help from a certified gambling counselor or licensed therapist in/near your city for either the gambler or affected individual. Treatment is usually available at no cost to you!

Residential Treatment Facilities

State-funded no-cost inpatient treatment program where you will live in a residential facility and receive around-the-clock care.

Residential Care Facilities are available at no-cost if you live in California.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

State-funded, no-cost treatment program at independent facilities to help gamblers who need more intensive treatment. Offers longer sessions 3 times/week.

IOP is conducted in licensed substance use disorder treatment programs with experience in treating gambling disorder. IOP serves as a bridge for clients transitioning between residential and outpatient, and those who require treatment that extends beyond once a week. IOP treatment includes 3 hour sessions, three days per week. View locations of IOP.

Adult Gamblers Self-Assessment

Only a trained professional can diagnose a gambling disorder; however, self-assessment tests can help you determine if it is likely that you have a problem.  The test below is called the NORC Diagnostic Screen for Gambling Problems-Self Administered (NODS-SA) and provides a simple self-test to evaluate your gambling behavior.

Do You Know a Problem Gambler? Self-Assessment

A gambling problem can have devastating consequences to not only you and the gambler, but their family, children, workplace, and community. And because gambler’s often try to hide their addiction, their friends and loved ones are often left in the dark to wonder: what is happening?

Tools for Prevention and Recovery

There are many tools that can make it harder for you to gamble or gain access to money for gambling, in turn aiding you in your recovery.

Community Support Groups

Free support system for gamblers through Gamblers Anonymous and spouse, family or friends of problem gamblers through Gam-Anon. Find a meeting in your area.

Self-Help Tools/Publications

These free workbooks help you learn more about gambling addiction. They are NOT a substitute for professional help, and are often used in conjunction with other forms of treatment.

Freedom from Problem Gambling” workbook

  • A tool for assisting people who are motivated to stop or reduce the problems associated with gambling. The workbook is NOT a substitute for professional help.

Personal Financial Strategies for the Loved Ones of Problem Gamblers

  • Designed to help families deal with personal financial issues due to a loved one’s problem gambling.

Brochures (provided by the Office of Problem Gambling)

Help Outside California

If you live outside of California, that is okay. There might be treatment available for you as well. Find out what help and information is available in your state.

Help By State

National Problem Gambling Helpline

  • The National Council on Problem Gambling operates the National Problem Gambling Helpline Network (1-800-GAMBLER). The network is a single national access point to local resources for those seeking help for a gambling problem. The network consists of numerous call centers that provide resources and referrals for all 50 states, Canada and the US Virgin Islands. Help is available 24/7 and is 100% confidential.

Other Helplines To Call

There are other numbers such as the California Youth Crisis Line and National Suicide Prevention Lifeline that you may want to call.

Ayuda Disponible en Español

El problema de adicción al juego puede afectar a cualquier persona, en cualquier lugar, en cualquier momento, pero es tratable. Hay ayuda para TODOS.

Ayuda Disponible en Español

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