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Self-exclusion is the voluntary choice to have a casino ban you from their premises for a set amount of time. While you are self-excluded from a casino, you cannot cash out jackpots, claim other prizes or winnings, and may be arrested for trespass if you violate your exclusion.

For those suffering from the disease of gambling addiction, self-exclusion is one of the most important recovery and prevention tools. Unfortunately, for reasons beyond our control, it can be difficult to figure out how to self-exclude throughout California.

This website will help you learn how to more easily and more quickly enroll in these programs throughout the state.

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A place to oversee casino self-exclusion programs in California

On this site, you’ll find information about the self-exclusion programs at many of the casinos near you. This includes information about which department(s) to call at each casino, how to enroll in self-exclusion programs, if it’s possible to enroll remotely (by mailing in a form), and more.

Unfortunately, we are not a part of the regulatory agencies that oversee casino self-exclusion programs, so we are not able to assist you with the actual exclusion process at this time.

Please note that, for what we hope are obvious reasons, this is not a casino directory. You will not find addresses to casinos or information about their games or promotions, and any phone numbers you find will be direct lines to departments or individuals who administer their self-exclusion programs.

Carefully collected information

This website was developed with the idea of making it easier for those in need to find information about self-exclusion programs and (when possible) to learn how to enroll in those programs without needing to visit numerous – sometimes dozens – of different casinos in the process.

Though none of the information available on this website is confidential, much of it is not publicly advertised and oftentimes it is not easy to find. The information on this site was collected by our staff, making hundreds of hours of phone calls, and/or by the website’s visitors (such as yourself) who have contacted us.

If you notice information which is missing or out of date, please contact us here.

Current challenges for self-exclusion

So why is enrolling in self-exclusion programs so difficult? The complete answer involved a complicated mixture of state and federal laws, but the short answer is that Tribal Gaming exists on sovereign land, with sovereign governments regulating those casinos.

As a result, there are more than 65 different regulatory agencies in California – each of which has built their own self exclusion program.

We hope that someday in the future these programs will be able to partner together to make it easier for those in need to enroll – and we here at the California Council on Problem Gambling will continue trying to make this happen! But until that day arrives, we hope this website helps make the process easier for you! 

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The information on this site is provided for informational purposes only. Only a professional can diagnose a gambling problem. 

CCPG makes its best efforts to ensure information on this site is up to date. However, casinos in California have no obligation to report changes to their programs to us, and information may at times be missing or out of date. If you observe information which needs to be updated, please contact us here.

CCPG does not provide diagnostic or treatment services, and accepts no responsibility for such use.

Please call 1-800-GAMBLER (426-2537), or contact your physician, a local addiction or a mental health agency for more information about gambling disorder.

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